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Special Offer

One of the most frequent things I hear from customers is “I like them all I just don’t know which one to choose!”

To help i’ve introduced a special offer – pick three bars for the special offer price of £9 + post and packing

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Luxury handmade hebridean soap made in uist

Choose three from a selection of soaps for just £9.00

Sea Spray

Well, first of all I have to admit to having a bit of a “love/hate” relationship with this particular soap – it’s my best seller but it’s the one I least like to make. I love the soap itself, it’s just that I get kind of stressed when making it.

Like the majority of my bar soaps Sea Spray is made using the hot process method, once the soap mix is cooked I then fragrance it and then have to divide the mix – I take out approximately two lots of a quarter of the mix and add green colouring to one and blue colouring to the other. The colourant has to be mixed in really really well and that’s when I start getting stressed because as soon as the mix is out of the slow cooker it starts to cool. I always liken it to cooling lava – as it cools it quickly forms a thin crust on top. So, I have to colour it, mix it thoroughly then get it into the mould.

I had just put the green layer in the bottom of the mould when Ian walked in and cheerfully asked me “don’t you usually put the blue layer on the bottom?” Doh! Well, too late now!

Anyway, I cut the soaps this afternoon and they smell lovely – clean and fresh. They are now stacked for storage and being hot processed will be ready very soon.

I think I made this batch just in time as a customer dropped by and bought the last bar of the previous batch. One bar of this new batch is already reserved and there was a whisper that a wholesale customer might like 24 bars which means I will need to make a whole other batch!

Grab some from the Online Shop while you can!

Luxury handmade hebridean soap made in uist sea spray

The Sea Spray bars cut up ready for storage.


Hebridean Rose

I love making a batch of hot process soap. People often ask me about the process so today i took some photos with my iPad as i went along.

Hebridean Rose is a layered soap, white at the top and a bottom, pink, layer which has added Rosehip powder for gentle exfoliation

This is one of my favourite soaps, oddly enough, even though it’s a floral fragrance it’s even popular with men. A recent comment from a male customer was “it smells lovely, lasts ages and makes a fantastic lather.”

Why not order your bar now? Hebridean Rose in the online shop


The soap is now in the storage area and will stay there for around a week. I will then wrap and package it ready for sale. Hot process soap does not require the long “cure” time that cold process soap has.

Coco Castile

OK so this soap isn’t strictly a castile soap which traditionally is a soap that is made from 100% olive oil. I’ve added a little coconut oil to the mix as it helps to produce a good lather – something that a castile soap isn’t renowned for. The coconut oil will also help to produce a slightly harder bar of soap than a 100% olive oil bar.

I used the cold process method for making this soap – the majority of my other soaps are made using the hot process. It was fairly soft when i un-moulded it after 24 hours and i think that like traditional castile it will take a wee while to cure. I’ll see what it’s like after a month but it may need two months before i can put it on sale.

** Special offer!** I made 20 bars, if you would like to pre-order bars at the special price of £2.50 a bar (it will be £3.00 a bar when it’s added to the shop) please contact me :-)

This will be a fabulously mild and gentle soap bar – there are no added colourings or fragrances – just simply soap.

Here are a few photographs that i took during the process…

Luxury handmade hebridean castile soap made in uist

After 24 hours in the mould it’s ready to be cut

Luxury handmade hebridean castile soap made in uist

Cut and trimmed

Luxury handmade hebridean castile soap made in uist

In the baskets ready for curing on the shelves in the storeroom

Luxury handmade hebridean castile soap made in uist

And very little waste – the bits that i trimmed off i’ve shaped into balls and once they’ve cured for a few weeks they’ll be in my bathroom :-)

Liquid Soap

A fresh batch of liquid soaps are now all packaged up and ready for sale – most will be heading up to the Uist Craft Producers shop at Kildonan but i will keep some here in the studio as i’m expecting quite a few callers during Art on the Map (28th June to 19th July 2014).

Six types of beautifully fragranced liquid soaps are now available – although as I type the ever-popular Cool Cucumber is sold out apart from one bottle!

  • Cool Cucumber
  • Strawberry & Cream
  • Wild Flowers
  • Sandalwood & Vanilla
  • Fresh Mint
  • Creamy Coconut

Purchase in the online shop

Uist Beauty Products handmade luxury liquid soap from the Outer Hebrides

A small selection of our luxury handmade liquid soap


The re-vamped web site and online shop will be set up shortly, meanwhile I am busy in the soap kitchen making lots of goodies – check back in a couple of days!!