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Sea Spray

Well, first of all I have to admit to having a bit of a “love/hate” relationship with this particular soap – it’s my best seller but it’s the one I least like to make. I love the soap itself, it’s just that I get kind of stressed when making it.

Like the majority of my bar soaps Sea Spray is made using the hot process method, once the soap mix is cooked I then fragrance it and then have to divide the mix – I take out approximately two lots of a quarter of the mix and add green colouring to one and blue colouring to the other. The colourant has to be mixed in really really well and that’s when I start getting stressed because as soon as the mix is out of the slow cooker it starts to cool. I always liken it to cooling lava – as it cools it quickly forms a thin crust on top. So, I have to colour it, mix it thoroughly then get it into the mould.

I had just put the green layer in the bottom of the mould when Ian walked in and cheerfully asked me “don’t you usually put the blue layer on the bottom?” Doh! Well, too late now!

Anyway, I cut the soaps this afternoon and they smell lovely – clean and fresh. They are now stacked for storage and being hot processed will be ready very soon.

I think I made this batch just in time as a customer dropped by and bought the last bar of the previous batch. One bar of this new batch is already reserved and there was a whisper that a wholesale customer might like 24 bars which means I will need to make a whole other batch!

Grab some from the Online Shop while you can!

Luxury handmade hebridean soap made in uist sea spray

The Sea Spray bars cut up ready for storage.