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Handmade Soap

Why is handmade soap so special? I personally love it because it is so gentle on the skin. Commercial soap has usually had the glycerine removed from it (this should be a criminal offence surely!!), handmade soap retains all that wonderful glycerine – check out my label, not far down the list is glycerine. I’ve always been an avid label reader and for many years have avoided skin care products that have lots of chemical sounding ingredients.

Here at Uist Beauty Products I make small batches of soap, usually just 20 to 30 bars at a time, from carefully selected, high quality ingredients. No animal products are used and certainly no products that have been tested on animals are used. A typical soap label from my range:-

Hebridean handmade soap luxury uist soap

Hebridean Rose ingredients label

Ingredients/label explained (using the label above as an example):-

  • Sodium cocoate = saponified coconut oil
  • Sodium palmate = saponified palm oil
  • Sodium olivate = saponified olive oil
  • Aqua = water
  • Glycerine Sodium castorate = saponified castor oil
  • Perfume, sometimes labelled fragrance or parfum = the ingredient that makes the soap smell lovely and is usually either essential oil, a mix of essential oils or a fragrance oil
  • Rosa canina = Rosehip powder
  • ci77891, ci73360 = the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names for the colouring used. In this soap i use a pink mica colouring.

How is soap made? Chemistry and chemical reactions have always fascinated me – i made my first cosmetic products in a chemistry class at school when i was 13 (face cream and an acetone nail varnish remover). The soap-making process is, at it’s most basic:-

Oils + lye (dispersed in water) = Glycerine + Soap

Longhand; the oils react with the lye in a process called saponification and you end up with a product that contains glycerine and soap (the saponified oils).

Where can I buy your wonderful soap?

Here at my studio

Via the Online shop on this website

My products are also retailed at:-

  • Uist Craft Producers shop at Kildonan, South Uist
  • Lawrence’s, Lochboisdale, South Uist
  • Blue Pig Studio, Carloway, Isle of Lewis

Don’t just take our word that our products are lovely – see our customer’s comments

Palm Oil – always a tricky one this. To the best of my knowledge the palm oil in my solid soap bars is from a sustainable source. I am in the process of testing “palm free” solid soap recipes. I am hoping that once my current supply of palm oil runs out all my products will then be palm oil free. The lip balms and liquid soaps are already palm free.